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Perfect example of the Fibonacci sequence Strategies, tips and guides for earning extra each day.

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A king is for his people not the other way around. - human history Strategies, guides, and tips for Neobux (GPT) Strategies, guides, and tips for Neobux (GPT)

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Wall must be bulletproof.  Hurhurhur…ho..ho..hee..hee..heh
Visit an interesting website

Wall must be bulletproof.  Hurhurhur…ho..ho..hee..hee..heh

Visit an interesting website

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I will post no more guides on this blog.  Everything is on this site NeoStrat

With that out of the way, I will begin posting more interesting things. Enjoy!

Rented Referral Management

     When a referral is about to expire they should be renewed for 240 days, always!  Do not use autopay and do not let your referrals expire.  More money is made this way.  For recycling strategies you should read the “All-in-one” forum post by Schen.

     When you think you are ready for more referrals, rent according to this fact = the true cost of each rented referral for a standard member is $1.20.  So, if you wanted to rent 20 referrals, have $24.00 in your balance before doing so.   Make sure to click at least two $0.01 ads (four ads if your referral average is high) each day so your referral clicks are credited.  The beauty of Neobux is once you purchase a few referrals they will continue making you money indefinitely or endlessly if managed properly.

The more money or effort one puts into Neobux, the quicker the payments come.

Mesem, a website is soon to be available for those interested!




Rented Referrals Management 2

      Now, it is pretty much like watching paint dry.  Do not do anything to those 3 referrals except watch them and take note of their average over the course of two weeks.  To keep track of referral clicks for more than ten day, you will need to use the export function (located top right of rented referral’s page).  Copy and paste the numbers it gives you into a notepad or Microsoft Word.  Give the file whatever name you want, but just make sure you add  .txt   to the end of it.  With this information you can make a graph with “Neobux handy referral manager” by yahiatnt. (Google it for download and no, it is clean if you download it from the correct guy)

*Note: you do not have to click 4 ads every day to get all clicks from the rented referrals.  Read section 3 of Neobux’s terms of service.  Say, if I had 10 rented referrals, but I only clicked 2 ads that day, will I still get all the clicks each referral made?  If the total clicks by the referrals do not exceed 20, then yes all clicks were credited.  Even if referral A clicks 20 ads, but referrals B to J clicked 0 ads, the 20 ads clicked by referral A are all credited.  The same goes if referral A clicks 10 ads, referral B clicks 10 ads, but referrals C to J click 0, all 20 clicks are credited.

Mesem, sorry for long a** post